Transient - Composition 1

This is a compositional work that demonstrate the amplification of electronic solar bugs (parent project) through household appliances. How can I expand the sociality of solar bugs beyond it's own scale? How can these tiny bugs be more influential and consequential? Group of objects that mediates solar bugs and appliances are called transients. Transients are a new species of electronic being that relays the patterns of solar bugs to the household appliances and manufactured electronics. Transients are mediators and amplifiers. They are agents of bugs. They are single synapse that make new connections, for the better and for the worse. Conditioning designed and stable electronics to become sensitive and vulnerable.

Solar bugs are tiny. They creates patterns of chirp based on amount of light they get fluctuating between 0V and 3V. Household appliance like printers and vacuum cleaners, they are larger in size and wants constant voltage of 120V. Transients cling on to the solar bugs with it's tentacles, listening closely of how they speak. Than transients creates patterns in the 120V in a pattern of how the solar bug spoke, allowing solar bugs to posses the appliances.

What does it mean to coordinate electronic objects that are not meant to be communicating to one another to be connected and be influenced? Through possessing with bugs, can we access musical potential of of these appliances? Can we tune our environment and ourselves so we are able to consider 'insignificant' sound of functional to be expressive and musical?

This composition was installed through a flight of staircase and two landings.


Close up of transients

Landing 1

wide-shot of landing 1 title drawing of landing 1 surveys of landing 1

Landing 2

wide-shot of landing 2 title drawing of landing 2