Robotic Arts Intro Fall 2017 (IA277.01)

11/21: [work and planning day]

Project 2 : Final Project Idea drawings

Today, I will be meeting with each of you individually throughout the class time to talk about your final project.
We will discuss:

Troubleshooting Checklist

When we work with electronics, do not expect everything to work on a first try! There are times that things work on a first try but always expect a problem.
Troubleshooting is an important and an essential skill for working with electronics.
Here are some guidelines for troubleshooting projects. Ask few questions to yourself to start this process.

  1. Is this problem occurring for the first time? If so is there any difference?
  2. What did you change in your project last?
  3. Are there a parts that's working? If so what is working and what is not?
  4. Based on these questions, what do you think might be happening?

Now, when you get to troubleshooting with details of your project, I want you to pay attention to a couple of things.

Above is an example set up for a testing sequence.
We will start at the plug and work our way up to the sensors and outputs.
Use a multimeter to test the circuit! Here is a refresher on how to use a multimeter

1: Wall

2: Power Supply / Battery

3: USB cord

4: Computer / Code

5: Arduino

6: Wires to the sensors

7: Sensors / Components

8: wire to the output

9: output

Where to get stuff!

Remember to ckeck out links at the resource page!

Another kind of connector
Screw Terminals

More Arduinos

There are many many kinds of microcontrollers we can program usign arduino IDE software!

Small and cheap but limited number of input and output :


Here is another with more pins available, Teensy

You need 5V or 3.3V to power those!

PCB milling

We can make our own circuit board and not have to carve it ourselves!
In the IA department, we have this Bantam Tools Desktop PCB Milling Machine

Using Fritzing

If you find Fritzing limiting (off course!) you can explore some alternative and more professional PCB and schematic software. While Fritzing is more user-friendly than other software, it lacks in availability in parts and flexibility.

KiCad (free!)
KiCad tutorials
Using KiCad with Bantam Tools

Using EAGLE:
tutorial for board layout(look at the tutorial for making a schematic drawings too)
Example Project
Using EAGLE with Bantam Tools

You can also engrave with just SVG files from any software that can output .svg files like Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape.

Engraving example workflow with Inkscape


Vilém Flusser - 1990 Lecture sobre la fotografía

Traditional Images/Text/Technical Images
More on Images by Flusser

Ralf Baecker

Christine Sun Kim, A Selby Film


Work on Project 2!

For next week, come to class with some studies and prototypes of your project.
It should be a simplified project that can get a sense of your project.

Remember, here is our schedule:

  • 11/28 working prototypes and studies due
  • 12/12 Project due / presentation
  • 12/15 Documentation due