Robotic Arts Intro Fall 2017 (IA277.01)

11/7: Motor 2 [More precise]


Movement studies

Let's start with looking at your movement studies with motors.
Remember to upload 2 images or 1 video to the folder named 11/7 on your google drive.

All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace

Documentary link

What Machines Can't Do

Why we will rely on robots


Interview with Hubert Dreyfus, talking about embodiment, computers and the internet @ 30:00

So..what's wrong with this?

Danilo Wanner & Travis Purrington

Bobby Zokaites Roomba project

RoboAction A1 D1 with Dragan Ilic

Manic love, by Jordan Wolfson

Any child can say, “I’m a dog” and pretend to be a dog. Computers struggle to come up with the essence of “I” and the essence of “dog,” and they really struggle with coming up with what parts of “I-ness” and “dog-ness” should be usefully blended if you want to pretend to be a dog.
This is an important skill because creativity can be described as the ability to grasp the essence of one thing, and then the essence of some very different thing, and smash them together to create some entirely new thing.
Exerpt from an article What Machines Can't do by David Brooks

Artist Talk: Kunal Gupta


Kanal Gupta, co-founder of Babycastles, an influential DIY art + game exhibition collective in NYC, will be giving a public talk on his work!

Monday November 13st
3:00pm - 4:00pm at Dolphin 2F

Motor 2

Today we will strat with using a new kind of motor!

Week 10 Slide

Tonight's Code



Experiment with Servo or CD drive

  • Continue your experiment with either servo motor or CD drive. Attatch things to make things move! Upload 2 photos or 1 short video of your study under folder named 11/14