Robotic Arts Intro Fall 2019 (IA277.01)

9/20: Solar Creatures

Today we will experiment with energy harvesting module, solar cells and make some chirping creatures!

They sing to the light. Like us, they respond to environment. Like us their body effect their voices. Fluctuating flow of electrons through their semiconductor heart, we hear their characters, tendencies, and their favorite places. Oscillation is a phenomenon we experience everyday like a beating heart, a swing in the playground, tide of ocean, a combustion engine, summer and winter and so on— oscillation is a effect of dynamic flow of energy. Filling and releasing, inhaling and exhaling, rising and falling, conception and articulation, rhythm of experience. The bugs articulates time through their body.

What point do we consider something alive? Consider and empathize as a being?


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High Zero Festival - September 19th through 22nd

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Fall Arcade - September 27th - October 7th


Finish and Document solar creatures

  • Spend some time living with them and dwelling with them. You might discover their favorite places and times of the day!
  • Document your solar creature with photo or short video with drawing of your circuit
  • Upload your documentation to google drive in a folder named "solar"