Robotic Arts Intro Fall 2019 (IA277.01)

11/8: [work and planning day]

Final project : Idea drawing and planning

Today, I will be meeting with each of you individually throughout the class time to talk about your final project.
We will discuss:

Simple Brian

The simple brain

Valentino Braitenberg VEHICLES - Experiments in Synthetic Psychology

Jakob von Uexküll A Foray into the Worlds of Animals and Humans: with A Theory of Meaning

Arduino Review

Remember these?

Range / Distance / Proximity sensors

Library for HC-SR04 written by Sam Sheffield
How to install a library

Structural complexity

  1. How to merge or combine code
    • Copy one sketch to another sketch or create new sketch
    • Resolve any duplicating functions or global variables
      • (Functions: void loop(), void setup()
      • Variables: int, float)
    • Resolve any duplicating pin use
    • Delete any duplicate part that is doing the same thing
  2. Comment your code!
  3. Write out what you want your code to do
  4. Optional: For loop video
  5. Optional: using millis instead of delay (multitasking) Adafruit tutorial
  6. Optional: Random_behavior

Interfacing with AC circuits

Where to get stuff!

Remember to check out links at the resource page!

How to attach things to motors

Laser Cutting Resource


Kelly Dobson's Blendie

Switch Bot

Random User by Monobo


Work on your Project!