Robotic Arts Intro Fall 2018 (IA277.01)

10/05: protyping process 1 idea meditation

Today is an idea exersizing workday for Project 1: the midterm


Arduino Review

Take a look at what we have gone over so far if you need!

Important resource

Tips and Tricks

Technological trend and our senses

A Brief Rant On The Future of Interaction Design



Interview with Eric McLuhan on The Sensus Communis (faculty of senses)

19 senses described from Deciphering Your Senses by Robert Rivlin and Karen Gravelle


Doug Engelbart's presentation at the Fall Joint Computer Conference in San Francisco, December 9, 1968 titled "A Research Center for Augmenting Human Intellect."

From Applied Science by Ben Krasnow

Alexitimia by Paula Gaetano Adi

Bodies.html by Katie Rose Pipkin

Tangible Media Group - Haptic Edge Display

Chris Harrison - Dynamic Physical Buttons


Project 1: the midterm

Project 1 is due October 19th. See the details on this link here.
Next week, come up with a working prototype of your project. A working prototype does not have to look good. It's a mock up of your project in its simplest form so you can understand how it works. Don't be precious about this stage, pay attention to the limits and constraints you learn form your prototypes.

The first prototype can be a small scale version of your project. If your project has 10 switches, make it work with 2 or 3 switches first.


Chapter 1: What is poetic about computation?
from Poetic Computation by Taeyoon Choi