Robotic Arts Intro Fall 2017 (IA277.01)

09/26: Expression --- [Analog output]


  1. Analog input and serial monitor
  2. Serial Plotter
  3. Variable resistors and thresholds
  4. variables
  5. if statement and comparison operators

Today, we will explore:

  1. Fritzing: circuit drawing software
  2. Analog output
  3. Fading LED
  4. RGB LED
  5. Piezo element
  6. tone() function and pitches.h -->melody
  7. Map function
  8. random function
Week 5 Slide

Tonight's Code



Persistence Of Vision

Jim Campbell Running and Falling Series

Tweenbots by Kacie Kinzer

Double-Taker (Snout) by Golan Levin

Artist talk by Xu Bing: next week 4pm [optional]

Book from the Sky by Xu Bing

Xu Bing

Artist talk + visit with Bonnie Crawford: Next week 7pm sharp!

Bonnie Crawford

electronic harvesting day

Thomas Thwaites: How I build a toaster -- from scratch

e-waste locations


Project 1: the midterm

Project 1 is due October 24th. See the details on this link here. Spend this week experimenting with what you have learned so far in this class to think about possibilities for your project. Take some time to learn materials of your choice.

Make some sketches and notes of your ideas and your entry point into your project. Be prepared to talk about your project.

Electronic Harvest day is NEXT WEEK!

  • Bring electronics you want to take apart
  • Bring drawing materials of your choice
  • Bring tools like screw drivers, pliers, hammers... whatever that helps you with the harvest