Robotic Arts Intro Fall 2017 (IA277.01)

09/05: Looking closer --- [basic components]

Welcome back!

Today, we will go over together:

  1. Electricity & Electronics
  2. Properties of electricity (water analogy)
  3. Prototyping materials
  4. Using a multimeter
  5. Polarity
  6. Ohm's law
  7. Reading resistor codes
  8. Reading schematics
  9. First LED and motor circuits
  10. DEMO : carving and soldering on PCB board
Week 2 Slide

and we we will work on day bug/night bug
  1. Prototyping day bug or night bug circuits
  2. Marking, cutting PCB
  3. Soldering components to PCB
  4. Testing your board
  5. Trouble shooting


Peter Vogel

BEAM robotics

L.S.D Light to Sound Device (Paris)
Benjamin Gaulon

form, line, color, texture

Bonnie Crawford

Transferring movement

Katie Wynne

Mechanism by thang010146

Arthur Ganson - Machine with Artichoke Petal#2

Arthur Ganson - Brownian Rice

Cybernetic Zoo


Install Arduino IDE

  • Please install Arduino IDE software from here
  • If you have trouble installing to Windows, please try this


  • Medium from Abstracting Craft: The Practiced Digital Hand by Malcolm McCullough